Want a great job, but don’t know how to start?

Zero Work will kickstart your ideal career.

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Job hunting, but way better

Deciding how to spend your life isn’t easy. But job hunting shouldn’t be so lonely, confusing, and exhausting. Zero Work is where you’ll find the allies, guidance, and motivation to succeed.

You’ll get the tools to reshape your resume into an impressive story, interview memorably, network without feeling like a fraud, and finally decide what career path matters most to you. No prior experience required!

Join us in Zero Work to begin getting the career you want.

“Zero gave me ACTUALLY useful advice and knowledge that will help me regardless of what I do.”

1A Alum on Zero

Start strong with everything you need

Zero Work kicks off with a single-day online ignition event (similar to a hackathon). It basically teaches you how to get the job you want, quickly and efficiently.*

*Plus, if you don’t like the program after Ignition, you can easily leave!

More specifically, you’ll learn how to design a perfect resume, network with confidence, find hidden opportunities, write a convincing cover letter, hold engaging conversations, know what you want, and so much more.

This isn’t school. You’ll be taking real career steps and getting real results.

“Zero reminds me of learning and passion outside of school. It reminds me of why I am pursuing my future career. I’ve learned how to take my passion and turn it into something more, which is inspiring!”

3A Alum on Zero

Get an entire term of support

Ignition is followed by weekly Refuelings; hour long sessions where you’ll hear from career experts, get new tactics for improving your game, and learn what your peers have been trying.

Zero Work ends with a Summit to look back at the awesome work you’ll have done, then come together to help everyone who’s struggling. You won’t get left behind even if you get unlucky!

Ignition: Stand out in every first impression. Discover unexpected opportunities.
Sep 18, all day

Refuelings: Get tips from the experts. Learn what peers are actually doing.
Sep 23-Nov 11, Thurs evenings

Summit: Celebrate the work you’ve done. Build a plan for your next success.
Nov 13, evening

“It would be hard to find a program like Zero that allows you to accomplish both personal and professional goals at the same time. This program just has something. It is so well organized and inclusive.”

4A Alum on Zero

Answers to your burning questions

Hear personalized advice on maximizing your chances from professional career advisors in weekly Q&As.

Get detailed guides on how to learn, work, and live better, written by UWaterloo students like you.

As an extra perk, join the exclusive Ground Zero alumni group after the Summit, with endless access to all Zero content and hundreds of motivated peers to network with.

Zero alum building their network with conversation

No matter where you come from, or where you’re going,
Zero Work will transform your university experience.

“I think that Zero teaches students to be confident through a guided process. It tells them that they ARE capable and shows them how they can be. And it’s not just positive encouragement but an actual lesson on how to tackle problems.”

1B Alum on Zero

Join us next term!