Want to stand out but don’t know how?

The Zero Experience will make you an innovator.


Distinguish yourself by making a difference!

To have a great career and maximize university, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Get the tools to analyze and design solutions for problems affecting millions of people, network with internationally awarded leaders in innovation, and learn how to transform your impact ideas into realities – all in just two hours a week.

Made by students like you, The Zero Experience will build your innovation toolbox; your ability to find and recognize opportunities, connect with those who can support you, and help give you the confidence to seize those opportunities. No prior experience is required; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-year or grad student!

“Honestly the Zero Experience has been the best experience I’ve had since I came to Waterloo. I don’t regret any moment of work here.”

1A Alum

Create something meaningful from scratch!

The Zero Experience is a weekly online 2-hour workshop (Wednesdays 6-8pm ET) that teaches you how to make a real impact from scratch, and gives you a recipe for figuring out what you want in life.

Students having fun working together

Within the first three workshops you’ll create a real innovation you can be proud of. Not just that, but you’ll kickstart your network, meet dozens of motivated peers, build your confidence, and start discovering what you’re passionate about.

“I recently started feeling like I’m too behind to catch up or that I’m not cut out to do amazing things, but this program and environment have helped change my perspective.”

Graduate studies alum

What do you get out of this?

The most powerful outcome that Zero alumni talk about is the mindset shift.

They say they’re much better at recognizing opportunities to problem-solve and make an impact, “seeing the world in a different way”. They’ve become some of the best networkers they know, and have significantly more confidence in themselves. Some of them become Velocity entrepreneurs, others develop fascinating research proposals, and others build fantastic side projects to galvanize their career. Ultimately The Zero Experience begins turning them into innovators.

Other alumni emerge from The Zero Experience with projects worth tens of thousands of dollars, iron-clad resume experience, promising side projects, lifelong friends, and so much more! Everyone takes something slightly different away.

Ultimately, you define your unique Experience.

“The main thing I’m getting from Zero is ACTUALLY useful advice and knowledge that will help me regardless of what I do.”

2B Alum

So how does this actually work?

The Zero Experience’s nine weekly workshops are broken into three workshop Cycles of problem-solving the world’s biggest issues. And even if you only join us for the first three workshops, you’ll emerge with a complete experience and a wealth of tools and knowledge.

The Innovation Cycle: Design a cool innovation from scratch!
May 25, Jun 1, Jun 8

The Team Cycle: Start making a tangible impact with your team!
Jun 15, Jun 22, Jun 29

The Experience Cycle: Build a real solution and launch yourself into your future.
Jul 6, Jul 13, Jul 20

A lightbulb symbolizing innovative ideas

In Day 1, you’ll identify a globally urgent problem and break it down to figure out what’s actually wrong. In Day 2, you’ll learn to network efficiently and ideate creative solutions. And by Day 3, you’ll be crafting plans to put your solution in action.

Here’s the cool part. At the Cycle’s end, we’ll start you from scratch with a new problem, team of peers, set of ideas, and innovation capabilities; all to go faster and farther than ever. By the end of The Zero Experience, you’ll have three sets of problems, solutions, connections, plans, and opportunities to move forward with.

This isn’t school. Every workshop is super interactive, stuffed to the brim with knowledge and all those soft skills university doesn’t teach, created so you can practice immediately.*

*We know you’re busy – Zero was created by students like you. You can leave at the end of any Cycle if life gets too crazy. We only ask for three weeks of attendance at a time!

“It would be hard to find a program like Zero Experience that allows you to accomplish both personal and professional goals at the same time. This program just has something. It is so well organized and inclusive.”

4A Alum

But that’s not all!

Meet incredible guest innovators (the NASA Hawaii Simulation Mission Commander anyone?) during optional fireside chats after each workshop. Then learn how to network with them without feeling like a fraud.

Get deeply researched answers on how to be successful, freely available in the Zero Experience library and written by UWaterloo students like you.

Zero students looking inspired.

After the first Cycle, join the exclusive alumni group with endless access to all Zero content and hundreds of motivated peers to network with.

After the second Cycle, get a signed certificate to prove your team innovation experience!

And after the third Cycle, get a real project – a startup, research project, or side project – to make an impact with.

This works.

As hundreds of alumni – your peers – would testify; no matter where you come from or where you’re going, The Zero Experience will transform your university experience.

“I’m starting to think The Zero Experience was one of the best things I’ve done in my university career. I will always recommend this program to my peers.”

1B Alum

Apps are closed for Spring, but we’ll be back in Fall!

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