Want to stand out but don’t know how?

The Zero Experience will make you an innovator.

Distinguish yourself by making an impact

To have a great career and maximize university, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Get the tools to solve problems affecting millions of people, network with internationally awarded innovators, and transform your visions into realities. No prior experience required!

Join hundreds of your peers in the unprecedented Zero Experience to start making your impact!

“Honestly the Zero Experience has been the best experience I’ve had since I came to Waterloo. I don’t regret any moment of work here.”

1A Alum

A unique recipe for your success

The Zero Experience is a weekly online 2-hour workshop (6-8pm ET) that teaches you how to make an impact from scratch, and gives you a process to figure out what you want.

Students having fun working together

Within the first three weeks you’ll discover how a global problem works, learn how to make friends quickly, lead a team of motivated peers, construct a great idea from scratch, find out what excites you, and so much more.

You’ll be shocked at how fast you can learn when you care about the problem!

“The main thing I’m getting from Zero is ACTUALLY useful advice and knowledge that will help me regardless of what I do.”

2B Alum

Fast-paced and actionable

The Zero Experience’s nine weekly workshops are broken into three Cycles. Every workshop is super interactive and stuffed to the brim with proven success techniques for you to practice.

The Problem Cycle: What problems should you solve?
Sep 22, Sep 29, Oct 6

The Solution Cycle: What makes your ideas valuable?
Oct 13, Oct 20, Oct 27

The Innovation Cycle: How can you make a real impact?
Nov 3, Nov 10, Nov 17

A lightbulb symbolizing innovative ideas

At each Cycle’s beginning, you’ll form a new team, find an impact idea, refine it, and then put it into practice.* Next cycle you start from scratch, now armed with new knowledge, skills, and experience!

*You can leave at the end of any Cycle if life becomes too busy – we only ask for three weeks of commitment at a time!

“It would be hard to find a program like Zero Experience that allows you to accomplish both personal and professional goals at the same time. This program just has something. It is so well organized and inclusive.”

4A Alum

Learn how to succeed from the experts

Meet incredible guest innovators like the NASA Hawaii Mission Commander and Entrepreneurship World Cup champion during optional fireside chats after each workshop.

Get dozens of essays on how to be successful, freely available in the Zero Experience library and written by UWaterloo students like you.

Join the exclusive Ground Zero alumni group after the Solution Cycle, with endless access to all Zero content and hundreds of motivated peers to network with.

Zero students looking inspired.

No matter where you come from or where you’re going, the Zero Experience will transform your university experience.

“I’m starting to think the Zero Experience was one of the best things I’ve done in my university career. I will always recommend this program to my peers.”

1B Alum