Success starts from Zero.

Start making your impact in The Zero Experience

The Zero Experience gives you the problem-solving tools to let you make an impact now and discover what you want. You’ll learn how to innovate through weekly workshops full of intensive analysis and ideation, networking, and teamwork.

By the end of the term, you’ll stand out as someone who actually solves important problems and plans to make a difference.

One glowing lightbulb in darkness

Learn from experts on how to innovate

Apart from workshops, this is where you’ll find dozens of student-written essays on how to be successful. Plus, get weekly fireside chats with world-class innovators such as the NASA Hawaii Mission Commander to guide you on the paths they’ve taken.

Over 1000 UWaterloo students join this wildly popular program every year – become one of them and start innovating now!

“I’m starting to think the Zero Experience was one of the best things I’ve done in my university career. I will always recommend this program to my peers.”

1B Alum

Create a career you’ll love with Zero Work

Zero Work gives you an answer for how to get a job and what you can do after graduating. A one-day workshop sprint will teach you dozens of career strategies and networking techniques. Then receive support through the term from a team of peers and weekly touchpoints, all to help you achieve your goals.

By the end of the term you’ll be on track to have a job you like, on a path to the career you’ll love.

Networking for your career

Get professional advice and peer support

The program includes weekly career advisor Q&As and unique insights on becoming more professional, along with a Summit event to celebrate successes (prizes!) and help those who are stuck. Most importantly, it includes a community that truly cares about finding long-term success together.

This is a brand new program made by students, for students – join now to start the Work you want!