Test the viability of your startup ideas

Concept Pre-Incubator

Accelerate your venture with the Concept Pre-Incubator. Students will explore customer discovery and validation while creating a network of founders to share knowledge and resources.

Test Your Idea, Build For Success

This 12 week program will take student teams through the ringer and test the feasibility of their ideas. The Concept Pre-Incubator program has six segments, each focusing on a different aspect of what it takes to build a successful startup. Work closely with a multitude of Concept Coaches and Velocity Business Advisors as you test your hypotheses about your problem and solution using customer input. Build out your venture’s story, validate your business model and value proposition to best meet the needs of your customers.

Test Your Business Potential

Perform extensive direct research in your problem space and on your proposed solution. Go beyond seeing if people like your idea to seeing if they would pay for it. Use customer feedback to validate and enhance your solution.

validate your ideas

An Experienced Support System

Work closely with experienced startup founders who have been through the process before. Let them guide you to success as they share best practices, resources, and in depth advice. Learn from their mistakes, and share in their triumphs.

Work with mentors

Build Your Network

Beyond the Coaches and Business Advisors, the Pre-Incubator will expose you to other entrepreneurs at your stage. Learn and help each other grow as you work to build on your ideas. Make friends with your fellow founders and find success together!

Meet other student Founders

Eligibility & Requirements

We are looking for students that have advanced past simply “having a great idea” and have put demonstrable effort into defining their problem and creating a solution. These students/teams must meet the criteria below:

  • At least one team member must be a current student at the University of Waterloo
  • Teams/Students must demonstrate that they have taken meaningful steps towards exploring the potential of their idea i.e. market research, prototyping, go-to-market strategy, etc.
  • Are ready to commit significant time and effort into developing their projects to meet business milestones

If you have any questions about the program, eligibility, or want to discuss it further, contact John Dick.

Join the Concept Pre-Incubator and take your idea to the next level!

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