Graduate Student Stream

Helping graduate students and postdocs think about their research as a potential business venture.

This new Graduate Student Stream is a four-month program built exclusively for graduate students and postdocs who are intrigued by the idea of applying their research to a business venture.

During the Winter 2020 term, you will participate in a series of activities that will challenge you to think about the applicability of your research through commercialization. The exercise will culminate in a pitch competition where you will have the opportunity to win a share of $5,000.

This is your first step on the path to commercialization! The Graduate Student Stream program is in Beta and is available to all University of Waterloo graduate students and postdocs.

Thriving businesses started by graduate students or postdocs include Acerta, Elucid Labs, Emagin and H2nanO.

What you can expect:

  • Turn Your Research into a Startup panel:
    Tuesday, January 21
    • A panel discussion with local founders on how the skills and research gained through graduate studies can enable students to be entrepreneurs.
  • Meet & Greet event:
    Tuesday, January 28
    • A fun mixer to build relationships with fellow graduate students and postdocs across campus.¬†
  • Knowledge Translation Workshop:
    Tuesday, February 11
    • A workshop about moving research from the academic world into the hands of people and organizations who can put it to practical use.
  • Customer Discovery Workshop:
    Thursday, February 20
    • A session¬†with a Concept Coach to help Identify your first customers.
  • Intellectual property (IP) Workshop:
    Tuesday, March 10
    • A workshop led by the Waterloo Commercialization Office (WatCo) on intellectual property.
  • Pitch Your Research :
    Tuesday, March 17
    • A session to learn the different components of a 3-minute business pitch and practice with a Concept Coach.
  • Pitch Competition
    Tuesday, April 7
    • Have the chance to win a share of $5,000!

The program runs every term (three times a year).

To opt-in, simply fill out our online form. You will also be added to the monthly Graduate Student Stream newsletter which is the best way to stay connected and up to date on all workshops and activities.

Opt-in for Winter 2020 opens: January 2, 2020
Opt-in for Winter 2020 closes: January 31, 2020

Have a question? Please contact Hannah Nunes.