Capstone Stream

This brand-new program supports students as they create and innovate Capstone Projects!

The goal is not to turn every Capstone Team into a startup. We’re here to help develop students’ entrepreneurial skills–which are valuable no matter what happens after graduation.

We are currently running a Beta with University of Waterloo courses: Engineering and Global Business & Digital Arts as students complete their fourth-year design projects.

You’ll join other startups, such as North, Vidyard, Clearpath Robotics, and Suncayr, whose now thriving businesses started as  Capstone Projects

What you can expect:

Note: This program is still in development

  • Skills building workshops
  • Mentorship with Velocity business advisors
  • Funding opportunities
  • Prep sessions for applying to an incubator or accelerator program

Capstone teams that do decide to pursue the startup path will have access to supports through the Velocity Incubator.

This program is being run in collaboration with Capstone course coordinators at the University of Waterloo.