The purpose of the Pandemic Challenge is not to find a cure or vaccine for COVID-19, but rather to inspire you to think about a wider variety of issues for industries in the face of our new reality. To help get your mind moving, check out the list below and see how you could help identify and solve problems!

Entertainment Industry (e.g., concerts and sporting events):

People might be scared to attend concerts and sporting events post-pandemic, which hurts entertainment and media companies’ revenue and disrupts companies’ advertising and sponsorship plans.

Consider and research: 

  • How might technologies like 5G, AR and VR help with this situation? 
  • How can professional sports teams, especially the smaller ones that heavily rely on gate revenue, find an alternative way to deliver their products to sports consumers? 
  • What are industry leaders like ESPN (owned by Disney), NFL, NBA, and English Premier Leagues doing? 
  • What haven’t they considered yet?

Tourism Industry:

With global travel on hold and airlines rapidly losing money, how will the industry adjust once travel restrictions are lifted and borders begin to open up again?

Real Estate:

According to a Vancouver Sun article, real estate, including construction accounts for 15% of our national economic output. Wage cuts, lay-offs, household debt levels are up and a lack of willingness to migrate/travel will certainly impact the real estate market.

Retail Industry:

Fewer people may want to visit shopping malls post-pandemic. 

  • Consider and research:
    • How would that impact the retail industry?
    • What might a shopping mall look like post-pandemic? 
    • Online shopping has taken off during the pandemic, what are the implications if this trend was to continue? What are consumers who absolutely need to “try on that pair of jeans before deciding to buy”? 
    • There have been AR apps that allow consumers to virtually try on things, but these apps are by no means flawless. What are consumers’ frustrations with these apps?


This is already a big problem in the internet age. The pandemic only made it worse since COVID related information is vast and sometimes contradictory.

Future of Work

Consider and research:

  • How might the future of work change post-pandemic?
  • Would mask-wearing and temperature-testing be a new daily norm?
  • Might more employees and employers opt to work from home?
  • How would employers ensure high productivity and collaboration?
  • How can current tools like Zoom and Webex be improved?
  • How would business travel be impacted?