The winners of the Graduate Student Startup Fund have come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. These winners pushed their research to the next level and continue to tackle important as they build their startups. Check out the incredible ideas they are working on and get inspired!

If you’re a graduate student or postdoc who wants to turn your research into startup and work out of Velocity incubator, apply for the fund!

Fall 2020 Winners

  • $20K winner: mtion Interactive 
    • A live streaming platform that lets the spectator be inside the game as it happens, giving them new ways to experience and engage with the live streaming content. 
  • $10K winner: Ilia Sucholutsky 
    • Ilia’s research focuses on enabling deep learning with small data. He showed the ability to train models on less than one example per class, dubbing it ‘Less Than One’-Shot (or LO-Shot) Learning.
  • $5K winner: MedAtlas 
    • MedAtlas is a self-sustaining healthcare solution based on its huge potential for tele-health growth in Africa and ability for healthcare providers to expand their reach. 

Spring 2020 Winners

  • $20K winner: ESG Tree
    • Creating an automated, cloud based system for Environmental, Social, and Governance regulations
  • $10K winner: Ribbit
    • Retrofitting planes to create a fully autonomous airline for cargo transport.
  • $5K winner: Changing The Flow
    • de-stigmatizing menstruation through public engagement, education, and supporting menstrual equity

2019 Winners

  • $20K winner: Blue Lion Labs
    • Creating a system that monitors and predicts harmful algae blooms through AI.
  • $10K winner: InnovaEncaps
    • Making medicine more effective using nanotechnology to encapsulate drugs.
  • $5K winner: The Playful Pixel
    • Using mobile technology to build new kinds of large-scale, face-to-face social play experiences.
Winners of the Graduate Student Startup Fund