Build your professional skills and gain your entrepreneurial EDGE!

Having an inquisitive mind, actively looking for solutions to existing problems and taking the initiative to act on a specific idea you have, are some of the key skills that are required for you to succeed in the current and future workforce. These are typical entrepreneurial traits and building these important skills takes practice, perseverance, and learning from experiences that take you out of your comfort zone and challenge your abilities. 

To help you build your skillset and put yourself to the test, we have partnered with Waterloo Professional Development Program to offer a unique opportunity for students to earn their EDGE certificates, with an entrepreneurial twist!

eEDGE combines Waterloo’s world-leading entrepreneurship and work-integrated learning programming to provide students with an exciting new experiential opportunity .  Students who participate in the program will have access to Concept’s experienced entrepreneurs and wealth of resources to support them in exploring their business idea.   They’ll pair their Concept experience with EDGE’s one-of-a kind work integrated curriculum to develop their entrepreneurial skills and prepare them for an increasingly competitive and entrepreneurial world. 

eEDGE offers you the opportunity to take action on your idea and try to convert it into a viable solution with real benefits to society. While you work on this, the Concept team is here to provide guidance and supports along the way. A viable business venture at the end of your eEDGE experience would certainly be a desirable outcome, however the focus will be on the entrepreneurial process itself and the learnings that come as a result of pursuing a business idea.

Partnered with the professional development workshops, you will gain University of Waterloo’s EDGE certificate that will give you a meaningful competitive advantage in the workforce. The eEDGE experience is a testament to your entrepreneurial skills making a highly sought after employee in the job market!

How to obtain your eEDGE

Your eEDGE experience in a term will count towards one of your work and community experience milestones for your EDGE certificate.

1. Register for the EDGE program (if you haven’t already)
2. Opt-in to eEDGE
3. Enroll in eligible elective Professional Development course
4. Engage with Concept in the following ways:

5. Complete all required EDGE Components