The Director, Velocity Campus is accountable to the Executive Director Velocity for University-wide leadership, management and coordination of services and initiatives that encourage, develop, enable and promote the non-academic entrepreneurial and innovative talents and ambitions of all aspiring entrepreneurs within the UWaterloo community, including undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty. Operationally, the incumbent oversees and efficient development, deployment of new programs in addition to equitable, efficient, and quality operation of all Velocity programs on campus, which include Concept by Velocity and support for pre-incubation programs.

Strategic Direction and Leadership

  • Responsible for managing and evolving a business development strategy to ensure that Velocity has the necessary resources to continue its growth on campus and continue to be a strong pipeline of startups for the Velocity Incubator. This will include leading and supporting sponsorship endeavors, fundraising from donors, and continued government funding from municipal, provincial and federal governments
  • Provides strategies, management, structure and process for the assessment, planning, initiation and provision of campus innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Views and develops the Concept, by Velocity unit as an entrepreneurial endeavor. The unit is rapidly evolving and there is a demand for more and varied student innovation programs. Most notably, demand for programs related to innovation across all disciplines at UWaterloo. These explorations need to be conducted in parallel to the continued evolution of technology-based entrepreneurship initiatives
  • At times will be in demand for public speaking engagements and as a participant in expert panels

Operations & Management

  • Provides senior-management hands-on guidance on the day-to-day operations of Velocity’s campus activities as it relates to finances, events, facilities, recruiting and admissions, communications, social media, marketing, and metric tracking and evaluation and reporting
  • Recruits, onboards, trains and mentors staff, including performance management and coaching for success
  • Ensures efficient operational processes are in place and are being used
  • Ensures the Velocity team is in harmony with, and implements, the overall vision of our program
  • Ensures an equitable, healthy, supportive team culture
  • Ongoing oversight and management of the budget and financial statements and approval of new spending


  • Represents Velocity and the University of Waterloo to national and international educational institutions, community organizations, campus partners and other stakeholders; provides persuasive advice, guidance and compelling presentations as it relates to promoting Velocity’s campus activities as a world-leading experiential-based entrepreneurship learning program
  • Actively pursues and creates opportunities to develop productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders including Faculty, ecosystem partners, and funders

Metrics and Performance Indicators

  • Manages the collection, processing and reporting of key metrics and performance indicators for entrepreneurship activities at the University of Waterloo with a mindset of continuous improvement and efficiency
  • Works closely with the Financial Officer to accurately and completely track metrics for our various programs
  • Represents and disseminates metric data to stakeholders
  • Translates metric data into strategic directions used to influence future Velocity programs

Student Engagement Success and Retention

  • Develops student talent through a variety of co-curricular education, networking and experiential development opportunities and initiatives
  • Encourages students to bring their ideas from concept to market and will help provide the physical and financial resources and professional contacts needed to make this happen

Partnerships and Relationships Building

  • Networks with a varied range of contacts to connect student talent and ideas with the resources and professionals needed to move innovation from concept to reality. Engages with key partners at entrepreneurial universities across North America and beyond to understand best practices
  • Builds relationships with key partners in the university incubator space such as peers, government funding bodies as well as other corporations
  • Develops and implements communication strategies with all six faculties and different units on campus in an effort to promote positive relations and strengthen Velocity’s reputation as a leader in student entrepreneurship
  • Acquires a solid understanding of the campus partner’s goals and priorities as they relate to entrepreneurship and maintains deep knowledge of Faculty specific strategic plans and the University’s strategic plan

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