Concept — March 31, 2022

Co-op Problem Award Recipients

Every semester, the Co-op Problem Awards are presented to co-op students who conduct exceptional analysis of a problem affecting their…

Concept — March 2, 2022

Women In Innovation

Concept is proud to be represented by many amazing women in innovation. We are committed to providing support and opportunity…

Concept — February 17, 2022

Cohort Ready for LiftOff

Concept and its partners extend a welcome to the first cohort of Black entrepreneurs accepted to LiftOff Waterloo Wellington. Liftoff…

Concept — November 15, 2021

Falling into the Concept $5k Finals

Each term at Concept, the most eager students get their pitches ready and apply to the Concept $5k Pitch Competition. This term 20 teams were selected to pitch over the span of two evenings.

Concept — October 22, 2021

Pitch Perfect: A Mini Guide to Pitching 

Have you ever dreamt of the secret formula for giving the perfect pitch? What if we told you we have a guide to pitching that will teach you just that?  We’re…