Concept — July 8, 2019

Announcing the Spring 2019 Velocity Fund $5K Finalists

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, students from the University of Waterloo pitched their early-stage startup ideas at the Velocity Fund $5K Qualifiers. A total of 42 teams pitched their innovative ideas hoping to be one of the 10 teams selected to move on...

Concept — May 29, 2019

Tips for writing a successful Concept $5K application

The Concept $5K Grant is a great opportunity for students to perfect their three-minute pitch. Each term, 10 student teams pitch their business ideas to hundreds of spectators for the chance to take home one of four grant prizes worth $5,000.

Concept — May 9, 2019

When should I start talking to customers?

It’s often said that building a great startup is a marathon, not a sprint. I would argue that it more closely resembles a triathlon. It requires swimming through technical execution, a highly disciplined operational team, and an unassailable perception of what the product needs to be.

Concept — March 19, 2019

Advice on founding teams

One of the questions I receive most frequently from aspiring entrepreneurs is “Should I have a co-founder, and how do…