The Concept team may be small in size, but we are mighty! Every member of our team works hard to make Concept a reality.

Each term, we bring to life dozens of events, initiatives, and competitions. From program design to marketing to execution, we do it all!

Some of our crazier ideas may not end up happening, but we are always looking for new ways to educate and inspire students to shoot for the moon and engage with us.

If you think you have the skills, experience, go-getter attitude, and creativity to join our team, see what work opportunities are available!

Job Opportunities

Director, Velocity Campus
We are currently looking for a new fearless leader for the Concept Team! If you have the skills and abilities to lead on campus entrepreneurship initiatives, manage a team of excellent individuals, and a passion for student innovation this is the role for you.

Entrepreneurship Experience Coordinator
This role will bring you right into the action on entrepreneurship on campus. Work with the Concept team to deliver the best possible entrepreneurship experiences for students and help them reach their innovative dreams.

Concept offers volunteering opportunities for students who want a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run successful events on campus. Volunteers work closely with the Concept team and other students to gain expertise and develop their networks.

Not only are these roles fun, unique, and provide the opportunity to hang out with the Concept crew, they also look great on a resume!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are not currently recruiting for any position(s), please check back soon.