Last Thursday was our 3rd VeloCity Venture Fund Final – the competition where we give 4 startups $25,000 each, as well as mentorship, incorporation, and workspace – no strings attached! Everyone who came out had the opportunity to hear pitches from our 10 finalists who did an amazing job trying to convince our judges that they deserved the big cheque. Lots of delicious food was shared and many new connections were made. It was an extremely tough decision, but after lots of deep discussion, our panel of judges – Michael Stork, Ted Hastings, Ali Asaria, Mike Kirkup, and Brett Shellhammer – chose 4 winners.

The VeloCity Venture Fund winners of Winter 2012 are:

BufferBox – Mike McCauley, Aditya Bali, Jay Shah and Bradley Moggach are bringing convenience into the lives of everyone who shops online – they are eliminating the problem of unattended delivery and pickup by letting people get their packages in an accessible location, 24 hours a day.

Planboard – William Zhou, Suraj Srinivas, Tony Cui, and Ryan McKay-Fleming are going to make every teacher’s life a lot easier with their web application that fully streamlines lesson planning.

PolyGaze – Emad Mir and Vlad Kvitnevski have created amazing eye-tracking and voice recognition software that will make human-computer interaction way more intuitive.

Reebee Tobiasz Dankiewicz and Michal Martyniak are providing access to all of your local retailers’ flyers online with lots of features to make creating your shopping list much easier.

Congrats guys – stay tuned for a feature on all of our winners in the following weeks to come!


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